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PM says No to Abortion and Same Sex Marriage


BY Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – FRIDAY 01 SEPTEMBER 2017:  If there are any two issues the Government is dead against, they are abortion and same sex marriage. At least as long as Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi is Prime Minister.

“Government will never ever accept legalizing abortion for any purposes regardless,” Tuilaepa emphasized in this week’s media briefing with Talamua.com.

“It is murder and similar to giving our women the license to kill,” he retorted.

“And that is absolutely against our religious Christian values, and beliefs. It’s also totally against our culture and our way of life.”

Tuilaepa was asked about a recommendation in the HIV/STIs/TB Monitoring Evaluation Research Report by the Ministry of Health, that recommended to amended the Act so that victims living with HIV/AIDs and rape victims can have the abortion option.

“I don’t know which boy did the report, but that will never happen,” said Tuilaepa.

He said even if it came as a recommendation in a report, Government will never agree to such a recommendation.

The same goes for same sex marriage.

“It will never be accepted by government because it undermines our tradition and our culture.

“Although I am not privy to the report containing these recommendations, it will not change the government stand point.

“I pray that this is the last time that these issues are brought to the government and my attention because it’s a useless waste of government stationary and time to acknowledge or even to respond to such suggestions,” said the Prime Minister.

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  • 4 September, 2017

    PM is on the right track in which is one of the fundamental Christians Principles I was brought up with.

    Going back to basics of the Ten Commandments.

    Thou Shall Not Murder and the book of Genesis where God created a man & a woman to create a family.

    Think about if we Samoans marry the same sex?…Toilet signs have to be change, Adoption will be a good business and scrap the law for sodomy because Homosexuality would be legal.

    Fa’fatai Lava Tuliepa! You have seen that it would not work for Samoa. You have saved many of young generations to go back to the basics of LIFE.

    Michael Tamanikaiyaroi