Police and Maritime Officers Complete U.S. Coast Guard Boarding Officers Course


Police and Maritime Officers after the graduation ceremony

Source: US Embassay

APIA, SAMOA- MONDAY 24 JULY 2017: Seventeen Police and Maritime Officers graduated last Friday after completing the United States Coast Guard’s Boarding Officer Course.  The course consisted of two weeks of intensive training on how to properly board and conduct searches on vessels out at sea.  The training covered a wide range of topics pertaining to ship boardings from human rights to personal defense.

The type of knowledge acquired from such training is essential for law enforcement personnel to properly conduct inspections of any type, from routine fishing boat inspections to vessels suspected of criminal activity, and is a perfect complement to the United States Government’s Shiprider program where Samoan officers patrol its own EEZ with the assistance of U.S. Coast Guard or Navy ships.

This program is one of several Mobile Training Team (MTT) training opportunities that have been provided by the U.S. Coast Guard to Samoa. The 4-member USCG training team is deployed from the USCG Training Center in Yorktown, Virginia and is part of the USCG International Division, Mobile Training Branch there.

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