Police can’t find a woman’s body down the Tiavī ravine

The Papapapaitai road sign leading to whats popularly known as the Tiavī Falls

By Rula Su’a – Vaai

APIA, SAMOA – THURSDAY 11 APRIL 2019: An emergency call Tuesday evening from a Tiavi resident about a woman screaming and assumed fell into the Tiavi ravine, prompted the Police and the Emergency Services to rush to the Tiavi falls viewing platform.

Live footage on facebook showed police and emergency services vehicles arriving after dark and the witness speaking on the livefeed implied that a male partner had beaten up a woman and thrown her in the gorge.

Police vehicles on the viewing platform when they were investigating another incident

However, the Police Commissioner, Fuiavailili Egon Keil confirmed last night that it was a misunderstanding in relation to an emergency call from Tiavi residents of a female screaming, supposedly  falling down the cliff at Tiavi gorge.

The Commissioner said the police investigated the scene, went down the cliff and found no body of a woman.

Fuiavailili also said the Police have traced the owner of a vehicle that was reported to be at the scene and have taken in an individual for questioning.

“At this preliminary stage it is very likely that it was a domestic dispute. We have yet to question the woman on what exactly happened, but we are looking more into the issue.

“The main thing is that there was no body found, and that is all I can say,” said the Commissioner.

The Tiavi Falls

On Tuesday night, Police together with rescuers from the Fire Emergency Services (FESA) investigated the scene and searched the whole night and into the early hours of Wednesday morning. The search was called off on Wednesday afternoon.

Police investigations continue.