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Police charge a man for attempted suicide


BY Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – WEDNESDAY 19 APRIL 2017: Police have charged a man with attempted suicide after he jumped out a moving car last Thursday.

The incident happened at Tufuiopa as the man was on his way to the police office to sort out a domestic issue with his wife.

Police say as his car neared the police station in Apia, he jumped out of the car onto the road while the car continued on with his two young daughters inside. The car only came to a stop when it hit a rubbish stand on the roadside.

According to police, the accused was rushed to the hospital where he regained consciousness.

A senior police officer confirmed with Talamua that man was later brought to the police station and charged with attempted suicide.

He said there is a possibility of more charges after police investigations.