Police clamp down on boy car racers following death of a college student

Police Inspectors viewing footage of the car parade on a mobile phone as police clamps down on boy car racers

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – WEDNESDAY 25 JULY 2018: The Police is clamping down on boy car racers following the death of a 17 year old college student whose vehicle rammed into an electric post opposite the Taufusi petrol station in a car race two weeks ago. Police is also investigating footage of the car parade that paid tribute to the student after he was laid to rest last Saturday.

When Talamua checked with the police yesterday morning, three police Inspectors where watching a video of the parade on a mobile telephone. The Police Traffic Division confirmed that they have sent out a team to investigate it.

The video identifies the vehicles, license plates and some of those suspected to be part of a group involved in car racing around town.

A Police statement today confirmed the operation commenced on Friday 13 July 2018 and includes police patrols and static posts in targeted areas of Apia at specific times of the night.

“Drivers stopped by police in connection with this operation have either been charged with traffic related offences or issued with written warnings. Details of driver and vehicle has been recorded and will be referred to the Lands and Transport Authority,” said the statement.

The procession for the funeral of 17 year old Orlando Manulelia last Saturday

“Furthermore, the Traffic Section is pursuing to file appropriate traffic charges against the drivers of vehicles posted on social media by concerned members of the public for driving recklessly on Saleufi road on Saturday 21st July 2018.”

Several people have voiced their concern over this event saying that the parade was an encouragement of more such incidents.

One woman in the video said there are ways to honour and remember loved ones, but not in a show such as a car parade which she believed was an encouragement of a life threatening event.