Police detain suspects on assault of taxi driver

Police media spokesperson, Auapa’au Filipo Logoitino

By Rula Su’a – Vaai

APIA SAMOA – WEDNESDAY 29 NOVEMBER 2017: Police have charged two young men of assault causing grievous bodily harm, theft and armed with a dangerous weapon over of a taxi driver at Faleasiu Uta two weeks ago.

Police media spokesperson, Auapaau Filipo Logoitino told Talamua that the two men are detained at Tafaigata prison awaiting their appearance in court.

The accident involves a young taxi driver, Suiga Finau of Moata’a, who picked up a couple from the NPF Plaza in Apia who said to take them to the Sheraton Hotel at Mulifanua.

When the taxi reached Faleasiu, the male passenger asked Suiga if they can pick up his brother from Faleasiu Uta. They found the brother walking along the road and the passenger told him to pick him up. Further inland of Faleasiu Uta, Suiga was allegedly assaulted, tied up and thrown into the taxi boot.

He managed to escape with slashes to his neck and sought the help of a family that contacted the police at Faleolo for help.

Auapa’au said the two men were apprehended on the early hours of the day the incident happened. The owner of the taxi has also lodged a complaint with the police. The taxi was later found at Palisi, with its tyres slashed.

Suga Finau with slashes on his neck allegedly from the attack

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