Police follow up five different versions of hotel deaths

Vaea Hotel Samoa entrance.

Vaea Hotel Samoa entrance.

Lagi Keresoma

APIA: THURSDAY 4 SEPTEMBER 2013: Police are following up every possible lead into the deaths of two hotel workers yesterday morning.

One version is that a taxi dropped off the deceased, a man and a female, at Vaea Hotel where they both worked at Lalovaea, a suburb just inland of the coastal capital of Apia.

That version has it that the female stabbed the man in the chest in the taxi in front of the hotel.

Another version says the man assaulted the female then took his own life.

A Police source said five different versions of what had happened yesterday morning have reached them so far.

Acting Police Commissioner Fauono Tala Tapu said this morning they are still trying to piece together what had happened.

“We have to check out all information we receive even rumours,” Acting Commissioner Tapu said.

Police have yet to establish whether the deaths occurred outside the fence at the entrance of the hotel or inside the hotel compound or inside the premises itself.

One caller has told Talamua to say that contrary to what Police have said and what has been reported in the media, the deceased man did not work at Vaea Hotel.

Togafu’afu’a residents are upset their suburb has been identified as the site of the tragedy when in fact it was Lalovaea, their immediate inland neighbour.

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