Police officers who died and injured on duty honoured

Shot and injured officers honoured this morning

By Aiga Tofilau

APIA: MONDAY 1st OCTOBER 2012: Two Police officers who died in line of duty were recognized and honoured in a special ceremony infront of the Government Building this morning.

They are the late Malo Samu who was shot during a police raid at Faleatiu in 1980 and Senetenari Mauga who died while on another police raid also at Faleatiu in 1996. Also honoured were the five police officers who were shot and injured at Faleatiu during an early morning raid and during the stand off with the Satapuala village last month.

The awards were presented this morning during the special day that celebrates the police good works in service of country and Government. The special day for all the Samoan Police started in 1989 not only for the serving officers but those who have retired.

In addressing the police, the Deputy Prime Minister Fonotoe Pierre Lauofo says this is the special day that celebrates the hard work of the Police officers who sacrificed a lot in their line of duty.

He also paid tribute the Police officers in keeping the law and had to face danger to their lives in keeping Samoa a peaceful country.

“This is the special day for us to give these awards to those officers who died and lost their lives on duty,” said the Police Commissioner, Lilomaiava Fou Taioalo. “The Constable Malo Samu who died on the July 1980 during the seach for an escaped the prisoner and Senetenari Mauga who lost his life during a Police raid at Faleatiu on 13 April in 1996.”

He then called the names of three Police officers who were injured during a police raid at Faleatiu last May. They are Pio Upumoni, Tosoimatuu Talitonu, Solomona Tali and two others – Joyce Toaimalo and partner who were injured during the standoff with Satapuala village last month.

“These Police officers it can be called, the heroes of police service as they give their whole lives for Police work,” Lilomaiava said.

The late Senetenari’s mother, Suimalua Peniamina Agavale with boutique and family members at this mornings ceremony.

According to Senetenari’s mother Suimalua Peniamina Agavale, “this day is for Police officers and also for my son who died in 1996 for only 24 year old.”

“Senetenari died serving what he loved in his work as a Police officer. This day we also remember all the Police officers and their service,” said the mother who was accompanied by family members at the ceremony.

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