Police raids Savalalo flea market for marijuana


Police took off a young man after raiding the Savalalo flea market for marijuana

By Rula Su’a – Vaai

APIA, SAMOA – FRIDAY 20 APRIL 2018: Police led off a young man after they raided a shop at the Savalalo flea market this morning for marijuana suspected to be hidden between the certain stalls and the market roof. The police were tipped by some shop owners about young men selling marijuana at the market.

The flea market and the bus depot were blocked off while the police search was in progress.

Police then led off a young man who covered his face with a white shirt.

Police took a black pack bag and a brown bag from the roof above one of the shops inside the flea market. The police forensic team sealed off a square area on the roof top of the shop where they took the packages from.

Police have yet to give details of what they found and any arrests made.

Police above the flea market stalls