Policeman knew he was hit when he saw blood on his shirt

Seargent Fiu after giving evidence yesterday

Seargent Ieti Fiu after giving evidence yesterday

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA: THURSDAY 2 MAY 2013: A policeman only knew he was hurt in a confrontation with Satapuala residents when he saw blood drip down his shirt.

Sergeant Ieti Fiu told of his injury in evidence before the District Court yesterday in the trial of 18 Satapuala residents involved in a road block August last year.

One of three Police officers injured that day Sergeant Fiu said they were ordered to remove not only the stones blocking the road, but anyone who interfered.

He said as he walked towards a crowd of people, he came face to face with Vaili Mimita and village mayor Ga Sakalia.

“I heard Ga call out for the matter to be discussed,” he said.

The Commissioner replied that the time for that had passed but to let the Police do their work, the sergeant testified.

At that time, the Special Response Unit (SRU) arrived at the road block at Satapuala.

Armed with shields and helmets, Sergeant Fiu’s team joined SRU in removing the rocks and stones.

“People were still calling out verbal abuse,” he said.

“Sucking up to Tuilaepa (Prime Minister)” were some of the abuse the sergeant said he heard directed at him and the other Policemen.

Words of a more abusive nature were also hurled at them.

He said as he stood up after removing some stones from the road block, he felt something hit him on the head, and then saw blood drip onto his shirt.

He was removed from the scene and taken to Leulumoega District Hospital for treatment than shifted for further treatment at Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital.

Sergeant Fiu had four stiches to his head and was ordered off work for a week by the doctor there.