Popular comedian and radio personality dies on the job

As an MC in many government and private functions, the late Molio’o Sumeo Si’itia

By Lance Polu

APIA: Thursday 19 July 2012: Radio personality and comedian popularly known as Sumeo died suddenly at his place of work at the Radio Polynesia Studios, Savalalo at about 0700 this morning.

The Radio personality draws a big following of Samoan listeners to his Breakfast shows where he makes his viewpoint about various issues with a humorous bent.

He even makes jokes about the English language where he literally translates Samoan words and meanings into English as in his Love Letters: “You salty the water I drink all times. The screwdriver on memories and my love is nearly falling away. B, your love is full of overdraft. Fyi, I am not a toy to play with, N told me about all da punishment you did to her. B, if your love is expire on me, try to use the WD40 to wash your stupid love away. I hate and hate you…”

Fellow workers said that he had a seizure and was hardly breathing when he was rushed to the National Hospital from the studio.  Staff called a special meeting at 900 “where it was very emotional and not a dry eye in the room,” according to News Presenter Leilua Ame Sene.

In his late fifties, Sumeo who holds the orators title Molio’o made his name as a comedian when he partnered with fellow Samoan stand-up comedian Petelo where Sumeo mostly ends up with the sting of the jokes.

He has also been an MC in many government and private entertainment functions including the annual Teuila Festival.

A former school teacher, Sumeo came through the golden era of Samoan comedy where he ‘learnt the ropes’ from the old hands of the trade in the late Avalogo Eti Ripley, Pat Mamaia and Nimo.

Radio Polynesia toned down its music selection to a somber mood today in honour of their later workers passing.

The late Molio’o Sumeo Siitia’s family has yet to announce the funeral arrangements.

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