Pornography triggers violence against women says Prime Minister

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – WEDNESDAY 28 NOVEMBER 2018: Pornography has played a major role in women being abused within couples, and unless something is done to resolve it the next generation of women will continue to suffer.

This prompted Prime Minister Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Sailele Malielegaoi to say that something has to be done about it.

“The Ministry responsible should find a solution to this,” Tuilaepa said in his weekly news interview with Talamua last night.

Whilst there are many reasons known for violence against women, Tuilaepa highlighted two common causes in Samoa, infidelity and pornography.

When asked whether a law was proper for internet service providers to monitor the sites visited by customers, Tuilaepa said it is difficult.

He said there is a law already against pornography but it’s not easy to control access to the internet especially the easy access to porn movies on mobile phones.

While pornography is readily accessible on mobile phones, service providers are quiet when the issue is brought up as it is a business issue through sale of data and credit.

But the issue has been brought up in various forums about the need for service providers to be part of the awareness efforts to educate their customers about cyber abuse and bullying and what that may lead to physical abuses either between couples or individuals.

At the opening of the 16 Days Of Activism – Be The Man Forum” early this week, Tuilaepa challenged the church leaders, Alii ma Faipule , family leaders, matai’s, Government and parents to stop pointing fingers but to act on finding solutions.

“Stop blaming others, we are all to blame because we are not doing our part in the problem,” Tuilaepa stated.

He believes violence against women are sometimes discussed in village fonos in a light hearted or careless manner and sometimes swept under the mat by families to avoid shame.

Tuilaepa speaking at the opening of the 16 Days Of Activism – Be The Man Forum” early this week.

“Our work is very important, we took oaths and we must do our duty because God judge us time after time,” said Tuilaepa.

He also does not believe in the percent of violence against women recorded in various research and surveys. He said the percentages in these surveys are based on cases from the Court only but there are many more unreported and recorded cases.

“Ninety percent of abuses against women are happening within couples,” said Tuilaepa.

The Teen Challenge report presented by Aumua Eric Poe at the forum highlighted that spouses of victims interviewed are apt followers of porn movies.

He said 95% of sexual abuse cases they dealt with, happen within couples.

“It is not a small problem, and victims of forced sexual activities have tried taking their own lives,” said Aumua.

He believes it’s time for Samoa as a whole to take action now.