Post mortem on the two dead babies completed

The Attorney General, Lemalu Hermann Retzlaff

By Staff Reporters

APIA, SAMOA – FRIDAY 13 JULY 2018: The post mortem on the two babies who died after receiving their MMR vaccinations at the Safotu Hospital last Friday, were conducted throughout yesterday by doctors assisting Samoa from Australia.

A statement from the Attorney General on the matter said this is in line with the investigation, and also to comply with the Court direction of His Honour Judge Roma, to conduct the post mortem examinations.

The bodies of the two babies were carefully transported to Moto’otua hospital by police officers working with funeral service staff.

“This is therefore an effort to try and establish the actual causes of death,” said the Attorney General.

“Police will continue their investigations from this point onwards we will continue to liaise and assist Acting Commissioner Monalisa Tiai.

“I am informed that there will then be an effort to return the bodies of the children to their families (today) once all inquiries are completed.

“The matter is specifically with the Ministry of Police who have opened an investigation file, and are liaising with our office.”

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