Post mortem could be ruled out

Acting Commissioner of Police Fauono Tapu.

Acting Commissioner of Police Fauono Tapu.

Lagi Keresoma

APIA: MONDAY 9 SEPTEMBER 2013: Police have asked the New Zealand Government for a pathologist to conduct post mortems on victims of a double killing last Wednesday.

A reply to the request is being awaited, said Acting Commissioner of Police, Fauono Tala Tapu today.

Acting Commissioner Tapu could not say how long they can wait for a pathologist but at some point they might have to release the bodies of the deceased for burial without post mortems.

“If there is no post mortem, then we release the bodies for burial but an inquest will still be carried out,” he said.

Last week a young man stabbed his de facto wife on the chest in front of Vaea Hotel at Lalovaea then killed himself.

Police have yet to establish why the attack on the woman took place.

Their investigation of the incident continues.

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