Prime Minister says Samoa is not a one party state

The Prime Minister has responded to the often made claim that Samoa is a one party state. Tuilaepa told reporters yesterday that there were five political parties that contested the last general elections, but the country returned only two including the Opposition Party.

The  Opposition however fell apart after the elections due to infighting within its leadership and resulted in Parliament not having a recognized opposition.

Tuilaepa supports the Speakers decision calling for by-elections for the Tautua Party MPs. He said some MPs were voted in as HRPP MPs but broke away during the Right hand drive debate and must stay as Independents according to the law but have now formed a political party.

The Prime Minister said that even though the Tautua Party are saying they are an informal party to prepare for the general electoins, they are airing their views every week in the media playing the role of the Opposition. He said that his own party has learnt from the experience of losing government after a land slide victory in 1985 when half the MPs crossed the floor. He said the law has been amended accordingly to address such switching within parliament.

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