Probono Legal Services to help Senese Samoa

APIA: THURSDAY 8 JANUARY 2015: SENESE has kicked off the New Year on a high note by appointing a local lawyer, Pa’u Tafaogalupe Mulitalo, to work voluntarily on a part-time basis for a period of 2 months for the organization.

In press statement, SENESE says securing a lawyer to work free of charge was not easy but the specialized Organisation for those with Special Needs “greatly appreciates this help because of the need to deal with emerging challenges faced by our organization regarding the security and rights of our clients and staff under the law.

“In addition, the signing by our government of the Convention for Rights of Disabilities on 25 September 2014 is a milestone which will have a huge impact on the delivery of services to our clients and families in Samoa.

“The capacity to provide services to our disability community has grown phenomenally over the last 5 years and having a lawyer to assist us in challenging situations is a blessing,” the statement continued.

“Our services in the second six-monthly report from July to December 2014 confirms that approximately 1018 students under our care have accessed and benefited from our services through home visits; pre-schooling; Early Learning; Primary and Secondary School Programmes; Secondary Outreach Programme; Post Secondary activities; Audiology; Deaf Services and Samoa Vision. In all these programmes, the law is critical because of its implications on service delivery and staff performance, among others.

“SENESE is grateful for the work Pa’u has started doing which includes reviewing  of the amended Constitution of SENESE and ensuring SENESE is complying with its legal requirements and obligations.

“Our organization will run a two-week staff training workshop for its Teacher Aides starting on the 12 January 2015 and Pa’u will provide legal training on child protection for all our staff,” the statement concluded.

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