Prostitution ring couple fined

Metala and Sanele leaving Court

By Unumoe Esera

APIA: Wednesday 15th August 2012: The couple, who were found guilty of operating a prostitution ring from their home at Malololelei, was given a penalty of paying monetary fines or prison sentences if they fail to pay the amount within the allocated time.

Metala James and Sanele Sanele were found guilty of four joint charges of living on the earnings of prostitution. They were fined $200 tala for each count which amounts to $800 each for both of them.

Judge Mata Tuatagaloa ordered Sanele to pay the amount by 4 pm today or face six months imprisonment.

Metala James was also found guilty of three separate charges of procuring young girls to have sexual intercourse with men who are not their husbands and gained rewards from it. She was fined $500 for each count, amounting to $1500. Metala is to pay $2300 altogether by 4pm tomorrow or be sentenced to six months at Tafaigata prison.

Judge Tuatagaloa said that the reasons for her ruling are firstly,  both defendants are first time offenders, secondly the girls lived with Metala and thirdly these girls gave Metala money earned from their sessions willingly and this money was used to buy their food, drinks and cigarettes.

The maximum penalty for one living on the earnings of prostitution and procuring young girls for sex is three years in prison.

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