Re-instated lawyer back at work

Reinstated lawyer Tuala Joe Ponifasio

Reinstated lawyer Tuala Joe Ponifasio

by Alan Ah Mu

APIA: THURSDAY 28 FEBRUARY 2013: Re-instated Tuala Iosefa Ponifasio returned to work as a lawyer Tuesday.

He plans to appear in court in that role again next week.

It is the end of two years of combat with the council of the Samoa Law Society.
The tail end of that was that the Supreme Court last week ruled that an interim suspension the council issued against Tuala on 12 June 2012 was unlawful.

Still it amounted to two years absence from his job, but Tuala said it has not meant a loss of confidence in his ability as a lawyer.

In an email he said, “absolutely not as I have always tried to keep up with legal matters and case developments over the past two years.

“But what I can tell you is what has been shaken is my confidence and trust in the council of the Samoa Law Society and those responsible in making these unlawful decisions affecting the Law Society in which I am a member.

“They should lead by examples and uphold the rule of law.”

Chief Justice, Patu Falefatu Sapolu, ruled that the council’s interim suspension order was unlawful.

The reasons why the court thought it unlawful will be stated in the written decision when it is released to both parties at a later date.

Such a situation does occur – a judge delivers a ruling and says the reasons for it will be stated in the written decision when it is ready to be delivered to the parties involved in a court case.

The council of the law society reportedly awaits the delivery of the written decision before it makes its next move, if any, in the matter.

So is Tuala.

He might decide to sue the council of the law society.

“We await the written decision of His Honour Chief justice and further advice from my counsels,” he said.
Tuala was accused by the conduct of misconduct.





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