Romanian convicted in Samoa for stealing from ATMs


Romanian citizen Catalin Razan is convicted of 30 charges of theft

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – MONDAY 07 MAY 2018: A Romanian citizen, Catalin Razvan has been convicted on 30 counts of theft by the District Court in Apia.

The charges include 10 of theft, 10 of accessing electronic system without authority and 10 of using an electronic system for a dishonest purpose.

Catlin came to Samoa in June 2017 and stayed at the Tanoa Hotel where he was picked up by police and arrested after an investigation into the theft of several Automated Teller Machines (ATM) of the Bank South Pacific.

He pleaded not guilty to more than 35 charges and during his trial, he kept denying the accusations.

Catlin was accused of using an electronic card to steal from the ATM. Unknown to Catlin, BSP in Vanuatu and Tonga had already alerted Samoa about a pin number that was suspected in an offence in those countries.

BSP Samoa then placed the suspected pin number on their high risk monitor.

When Catalin used the card with the same pin number in the local ATM’s, the pin number automatically appeared on the BSP system, and they were able to pinpoint exactly where the offence took place, and their cameras managed to identify the person using the card.

Catlin was later arrested and charged, and will be sentenced next week.

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