Rugby League helps rehabilitate survivors of violence and sexual abuse


The programme in action at the House of Hope

APIA, SAMOA – THURSDAY 13 JULY 2017: The National Rugby League is teaming up with the Samoa Victim Support Group’s holistic approach to the rehabilitation programmes for the children survivors of violence and sexual abuse, cared for at the Campus of Hope shelter facilities. The partnership with the National Rugby League is through the Digicel Pacific Outreach programme.

Through sports development, music, dancing, poetry, education and livelihood training, the children are exposed to the different rehabilitation programs to regained lost confidence and improved self esteem.

“The outreach program held a clinic for the children at the Campus of Hope much to the delight of the children, especially the boys,” says the Samoa Victim Supprot Group.

“The clinic forms part of the rehabilitation programs for the children of hope as it taught the children the basics on passing and catching the ball as well as healthy eating.”

Even though the clinic was the first time for the National Rugby League at the Campus, it was not so for Digicel Samoa.  Through the Ray of Hope Foundation, the Ray of Hope shelter on Campus was built with funding support from Digicel Samoa.

“Digicel has been SVSG’s partner for a long time, and the belief that Digicel has in SVSG is making a big impact on us.  Hopefully the N.R.L-Digicel will continue the momentum of the parternship.”  Siliniu Lina Chang, SVSG President.

Sporting goods such as rugby balls, drinking bottles, books and bags were presented by N.R.L Team Leader Maika Felise Tupai on behalf of the N.R.L – Digicel partnership, and were received with gratitude by President Siliniu for the children.