Salelologa village chiefs turn in young men wanted by police


By Rula Su’a – Vaai

APIA, SAMOA – THURSDAY 07 JUNE 2018: Village chiefs of Salelologa have turned in the 3 young men suspected in the recent violence with Salelavalu village youths and set up roadblocks, damaged property and vandalized stalls at the market.

The police spokesperson, Auapa’au Filipo Logoitino told Talamua this morning that the young men were turned in yesterday.

“We have yet to press charges and the police are questioning these young men, and once we have solid evidence then we will press charges against them.”

Sources at Salelologa village say the village chiefs had issued a warning against the family members of the suspects that they will face the consequences and heavy fines if they refused to turn in the suspects.

The three suspects’ makes up 5 of the top most wanted men on the police list from last weeks’ violent incidents.

Two young men from Salelavalu village were turned over to the police after peace was restored, and are scheduled to appear in court 26 of this month.

The police investigations continue.