Salelologa village council warns future social media posts that misrepresent the village

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PHOTO: Salelologa village Tu’ua Taotua Matamua (middle) with orators Fiu Ioane and Fiu Taotofi announcing the Councils decision against future social media posts that may misrepresent the village. Photo Talamua Media


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APIA, SAMOA – WEDNESDAY 15 MAY 2019: The Salelologa Village Council has issued a warning that it will take legal action against anyone who may make and post video clips that misrepresent the village in the future.

Speaking at the village malae at Malaefatu, Salelologa yesterday, the village tuua, Taotua Matamua and talking chiefs Fiu Ioane and Fiu Taotofi, announced the village councils decision of its meeting on Monday 13 May.

The village councils’ decision follows a video clip recorded at Salelologa and posted on facebook last week that featured the Australian based Samoan who is facing charges for making false declarations against the Prime Minister and a convicted murderer who has since been held by police for breaching his parole conditions. The video also showed some young men of the village.

According to Taotua, the village council has nothing to do with the video clip that was made by some who were not from Salelologa and promoted dissention against the government.


“The truth is, those behind the video came looking for a future and distracted some of our village and misrepresented our village and what it is supposed to be in accordance with what God has blessed the village with,” said Taotua.

The video also referred to the Salelologa village land that was taken by the government for the Salelologa Township.

Taotua apologized to the Head of State, the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the church leaders and Samoa both in Samoa and overseas for what has been disseminated in the video.

He thanked the Prime Minister and Government and reassured the villages’ support of government development projects in the village.

The talking chiefs Fiu Ioane and Fiu Taotofi reiterated the village council’s decision of 13 May that no one will make any video announcements on issues that affect and undermine the village. If so, the council will take legal action.

They also reaffirmed that the village and government have settled the land that the village was compensated $4 million talā and the other 2,300 acres that were returned to the village.

“That has been settled between the village and government and the village provides protection of government projects on the land,” said Taotua.