Samoa at last strikes Gold

15 year old Maeu Livigisitone wins Samoa’s first ever Gold medal at the Commonwealth Youth Games beating competition from Sri Lanka and New Zealand

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA: THURSDAY 10 SEPTEMBER 2015: Samoa has finally struck gold when 15 year old Maeu Livigisitone  won gold in the men’s  85 kg A weightlifting  Snatch and Clean & Jerk at the Commonwealth Youth Games today.

The competition which was run together with the  94 kg category saw Samoan lifter  Maeu head to head with lifters from Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia  and Wales.

In the snatch competition Maeu came 3 with  113 points and 140 in the Clean & Jerk category. His total points  at the end was 253, ahead of  Sri Lanka 228 and  New Zealand  227 overall.

It was  an emotional moment for Samoans present especially Her Highness Masiofo Filifilia who congratulated Maeu after the medal ceremony.

Maeu is the youngest of 6  children of Nanai and Valasi Livigisitone of Falelatai and Afiamalu. Valasi said her son’s education finished at Year 8.

“I gave him a hiding when he said he did not want to go to school anymore,” said Valasi. She even tried other ways to encourage Maeu to return to school.

“Maeu apologised and asked for our blessing and allowed him to do what he loves which was weightlifting,” said Ms. Valasi.

A proud moment for the Maeu's parents Nanai and Valasi and an older sister after the medal ceremony this afternoon

A proud moment for Maeu’s parents Nanai and Valasi Livigisitone and an older sister after the medal presentation this afternoon

Maeu’s parents  gave in and allowed Maeu to train after Maeu’s cousins, the Opeloge children pledged their support.

With the golden result today, Maeu’s parents were humbled by their son’s success.

“I never thought he would go this far after seeing the other lifters today,” said Nanai, Maeu’s father.

“We praise God as he has achieved well and it was the reason why he gave up school,” said Maeu’s mother.

The parents hope that this would be a start of a bright future for their son.

The oldest of Maeu’s siblings  is 36 years old and according to Valasi, her children have always supported Maeu.

“My husband and I although we love our son, were reluctant  to accept that he (Maeu)  has dropped out of school for this.”

“If this is my son’s gift from God, then who am I to question it,” said the proud father.

Maeu has done Samoa proud by winning the first gold medal for the Youth Games host.