Samoa bans sale of faulty Samsung 7

An image of a burnt Samsung 7 as posted online

APIA, SAMOA – TUESDAY 20 SEPTEMBER 2016: Samoa has joined the lead of a number of countries to ban the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The ban has been confirmed by the Office of the Regulator and stems from concerns about the risk of the phone battery catching fire.

The Regulator, Unutoa Fonoti has halted the sale of all type approvals of Samsung Galaxy note 7 in Samoa.

She has informed the retailers and advises the public to return the phones they have bought.

Under Samoa’s Telecommunications Act 2006, the Regulator has the power to type approve any telecommunications equipment that could be directly or indirectly connected to a telecommunication service.

Last Thursday US authorities issued a recall of Samsung’s Galaxy note 7 phones.