Samoa College Class of 1991-1994 donates to Science


Representatives of the Class of 91-94 presentation to the College yesterday

APIA, SAMOA – THURSDAY 31 MAY 2018: The Science Students of Samoa College will be the direct beneficiaries to another Class Project donated by ex-pupils of the College from the Class of 1991-1994.

The Class of 91-94 has undertaken to refurbish ONE of the three science labs – this is indeed a step forward in assisting learning and teaching of Science at the College.

The Science subject is an area of great importance that the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture as well as the Government continues to push for schools and teachers alike and after today – Samoa College Science teachers will be able to take their students through hands on experiments and practicals in addition to the theory being taught.

The Science Lab Refurbishment in total has costed the Class a little over $19,790.00 which included the re-routing of the main water supply and refurbishing internal plumbing, changing electrical plugs and ensuring all worked, replacement of faulty faucets, new ceramic tiling of the damaged flooring and elevating the student experiment benches which have worn and torn over the years.

Newly refurbished Lab

12 new gas burners have been fitted into the Lab inclusive of the teacher resource room which piping had to be tidied where the cylinders are and to ensure blocked connection to the other unused Labs. Both cylinders outside the three labs were out of test (expired May 2000) therefore to ensure student safety, the old cylinders had to be removed and decant to a 45kg cylinder for this purpose.

Flexi hoses which connect the cylinders to the regulators were also replaced as the ones that were in the lab were old and brittle.

The Samoa College Class of 91-94 have always been active in their drive to support the School through their various fundraising activities and today as the College celebrates its 65th Anniversary, the hand-over of the refurbished Science Lab marks yet another addition to the many completed projects by the Class.

The refurbished Teacher Resource Room

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