Samoa goes into Tapuaiga for Joseph Parker


Reverend Taumafai Komiti of the Methodist Church at Matafele leading the Special Prayer Service for Joseph Parker yesterday


APIA, SAMOA – MONDAY 26 MARCH 2018: Government leaders, sports administrators, athletes and general public were part of a Special Prayer Service yesterday for Joseph Parker ahead of the historic unification bout in Cardiff this weekend.

Led by Reverend Taumafai Komiti of the Methodist Church in Apia, the hour long service was attended by the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers, the New Zealand High Commissioner, the Samoa Olympic Committee President, various sports leaders and the Samoan boxing team for the Commonwealth Games in Australia next month.

Reverend Komiti quoted the story of Jesus in the lead up to his crucifixion where Jesus came back after praying and found his disciples asleep and asked them if they can’t stay awake with him for one night.

He referred to the same spirit to offer the country’s prayers for Joseph Parker as he faces the most daunting hurdle in his professional career against the undefeated Anthony Joshua this coming weekend.

Reverend Komiti of the Methodist Church at Matafele and the government leaders after yesterday’s Special Prayer Service for Joseph Parker

The Prayer Service also was held in parallel to the Samoan practice of Tapuaiga and the 3-thouand year old story of the old man Fe’epō who blessed his son Leatiogie before he went out to the final battle at Moamoa.

Reverend Komiti quoted the same story as Samoans sent their prayers and spirit of support in tapuaiga for Joseph Parker in order to do well and to be victorious.

The story of Fe’epō is the origin of many Samoan sayings and proverbs that are still being used today mainly to build up confidence and fire up sports teams.

When the old man Fe’epō got word of his sons’ final victory, he clapped his hands in joy as he was still lying in bed hence the saying “Ua pati taoto le Fe’epō”.

The Special Prayer Service was organized by TV3 that carried the broadcast live and the service was streamed live by Talamua Online and can be accessed through this link.



Members of the Samoa Boxing Team for the Commonwealth Games (four young boxers infront) with some sports administrators after the church service