Samoa Law Society 4th Biennial Law Symposium 2015 focuses on “WHO AM I?”

APIA, SAMOA: WEDNESDAY 02 DECEMBER 2015: The Samoa Law Society will be hosting its 4th Biennial Law Symposium on Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th December 2015 at the Samoa Conference Centre.

The Theme of the Symposium “Who Am I?”, was deliberately chosen, to allow one to pause and reflect on the relevance, suitability and the effectiveness of the legal services the Society members offer their clients and the public. This question encompasses the daily deliberations of a Samoan Lawyer in attempting to accommodate 2 equally important aspects of his or her existence, as a Samoan Lawyer with a strong cultural heritage, practising western trained law on the context of the faa Samoa.

Various esteemed legal professionals are expected to attend the Symposium, together with members of the judiciary, law academics, heads of legal departments as well as private practitioners practising both within the country and overseas. The 2 day event promises to be resourceful and constructive, as chosen speakers present a variety of perspectives on their chosen topics, on the effectiveness or non-effectiveness of the current law and perhaps recommend reforms.

Day 1 of the Symposium will start with some reflections by the Hon Chief Justice on the developments in the work of the judiciary highlighted in the 2013 Law Symposium. These include the Judicial Settlement Conferences or Mediation, the Family Court and the Drug and Alcohol Court.

For the benefit of all members, opportunity is given to the Office of the Attorney General to explain the main features of some recent developments in the justice system of Samoa. These include new setups such as the Office of the Director of the Public Prosecution and the Community Law Centre. Further, recent reforms to the law that regulates the practice of the profession, the Lawyers and Legal Practitioners Act 2014 will be brought to the fore.

The rest of the presentations will touch upon the work of the legal profession in the cultural, social, political, religious and commercial contexts of Samoa. A high standard of ethical behaviour is required of the profession. The Symposium will end with a presentation on the required ethics of a practising lawyer in Samoa.

During the two days, legal service providers such as Lexis Nexis and Xenox will be given brief opportunities to address the Society on the legal research services they have on offer.

Chair of the Continuing Legal Education Committee, Telei’ai Dr Lalotoa Mulitalo says it will indeed be an exciting 2 day event for the Samoa Law Society.