Samoa pushes for 100% renewable energy in 2017

BY Staff Reporters

Samoas push to be 100 % renewable energy supplied by 2017 gets closer with the launch last weekend of the 2.36 megawatt solar panel plant at te Faleolo International Airport.

Buit by Sun Pacific Energy, the plant is now suplying electricity to 2,500 Samoan families through the national grid owned bt the Electric Power Corporation.

Sun Pacific Energy is generating the electricity and sell it to EPCat a tarrif of .55 sene excluding duty and VAGST.

Work on other renewable energy projects are orogressing on oter parts ofthe country such as the Tsolar power project at the Tuanaimato Race Course. Two companies are building the project that will produce 4 megawatt of electricity that will supply the national grids when completed.

Also in line is the development of three hydro power plants in Upolu and one in Savaii, all targeting a 100% renewable energy supply for Samoa in 2017.