Samoa ready to host the 5th Commonwealth Youth Games

Commonwealth Games Federation CEO, David Gervember and Tuala Farani Chan Tung of the 2015 Samoa Commonwealth Youth Games Organising Committee during the press conference

BY Talaitupu Tialavea

APIA, SAMOA: FRIDAY 12 JUNE 2015: As far as the sports facility standards, venues and games villages, Samoa is more than ready to host the 5th Commonwealth Youth Games 2015 in September

This was a statement by the Commonwealth Games Federation Chief Executive Officer David Grevember in a press in Apia this week following an inspection of the facilities for the games.

“Samoa has fantastic facilities and I’m very comprehensive in terms of the overview planning of the upcoming Youth games,” said Grevember.

Less than 3 months to the Games, Grevember made a special trip to Samoa to check on the progress of Samoa’s preparation and to look at areas the Federation can offer support.

Over 1,000 young athletes from the ages 14 to 18 from more than 60 Commonwealth countries and territories are participating.

The Youth Games main aim is to unite children from around the world in a friendly sport festival.

Prior to the game in September 2015, the Commonwealth Games Federation will meet in Auckland, New Zealand to finalize issues relating to the new vision and strategic plans for the federation.

The current vision of the Federation is to promote the Commonwealth games and sports.

Gervember said the new vision is to “aspire Commonwealth athletes to drive their ambition and power of all Commonwealth citizens to sport and uphold humanity, equality and destiny.”

The new vision also endorsed, targets the potential to bring the community together in sports and culture.

With Samoa so rooted in cultural aspects, Gervember said Samoa is ideal place to start this culture environment conversation and ambition.

The vision is also to inspire the young people’s confidence and to project Samoa’s movement and what she can offer to the Commonwealth world culturally.

“This could also be a great opportunity for Samoa of all ages to thrive and take advantage of once in a life time experience,” he said.

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