Samoa Sinnet Fashion Donates to Loto Taumafai


At Samoa Sinnet Fashion’s donation to Loto Taumafai are Judy Cabot, Luma’ava Papali’i, Founder of Samoa Sinnet Fashion – Enid Westerlund, Alex Fa’apu’e, Loto Taumafai President – Leta’a Tanielu Devoe, Time Afoa and Sina Ah Poe

BY Natu Tafuna’i

APIA, SAMOA – WEDNESDAY 23 AUGUST 2017: Samoa Sinnet Fashion (SSF) has donated $8,000 tala worth of art supplies to Loto Taumafai, Society for People with Disabilities as SSF’s selected Charity for this Year.

Samoa Sinnet Fashion was founded last year by designer and business woman Enid Westerlund and the donation to charity comes from the funds raised during the annual fashion show organized by SSF.

SSF’s main objective is to develop pathways and showcase local designers and artistic talents related to fashion and design such as make up and photography.

“We are really happy to donate to the school and to know that they will be opening a workshop where their artistic creations will be displayed for sale,” says the Founder of Samoa Sinnet Fashion, Enid Westerlund during the presentation to Loto Taumafai’s President, Letaa Tanielu Devoe,

The supplies include coloring tubes, paint brushes, carving tools and a canvas for the students.

“Loto Taumafai, the Society for People with Disabilities, would like to thank Samoa Sinnet Fashion for this donation as it will help our students improve their Art, Carving and Weaving skills,” says the President of Loto Taumafai.

“Through these skills, they will have more opportunities in future,” he says.

The Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show had their second fashion show in July this year which also marks their second donation to charities. Proceeds for last years’ Fashion Show was donated to the Children’s Ward at Moto’oto’otua Hospital.

“It is humbling to know that Samoa Sinnet Fashion is donating to other artists,” says Founder, Enid Westerlund.