Samoa Solidarity Group is not a political party


A young speaker during the Samoa International Solidarity Group rally in Savaii two weeks ago

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – TUESDAY 24 APRIL 2018: The Samoa International Solidarity Group (SISG) now pushing to repeal the Land and Title Registration Act 2008, is not a political party but a pressure group that will stand for issues of importance to the people of Samoa.

This was confirmed by SISG member, lawyer Unasa Iuni Sapolu.

“SISG is not going to be a political party,” she told Talamua.

Unasa said SISG members do not want to give the impression to the public that the reason behind their push of the customary land issue was because they wanted to use it as a political platform.

Since SISG took it upon themselves to stand against the Lands and Title Registration Act 2008, people have been suggesting that SISG be endorsed as a political party.

Unasa also said the direct encouragement for them to turn SISG into a political party, was from two Members of Parliament who sits in the Customary Lands Parliamentary Committee.

“They encouraged us to turn SISG into a political party,” said Unasa.

She was not sure if the MPs were serious or not when the suggestion was made, but there is public interest in SISG to become a political party.

Unasa said SISG’s strategy is more into discussing issues, but it does not stop SISG members who try politics.

“They are free to run as candidates in the general elections,” said Unasa.

On the issue of customary lands, Unasa believes that Samoan culture and tradition would be lost without customary lands.

SISG continues to facilitate seminars and workshops around the country hoping that the Lands and Registration Act 2008 would be repealed.

Lawyer Unasa Iuni Sapolu meeting supporters at a Samoa International Solidarity Group rally

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