Samoa Stationery and Books launch Back to School Promotions for 2016.

SSAB’s Managing Director, Ms. Fiti Leung Wai

APIA, FRIDAY: 08 JANUARY 2016: The Samoa Stationery and Books Back to School Promotion launched yesterday has 15 prizes worth at least $20,000 up for grabs, a wide range of school products and high discounts of up to 50% on selected items.

Reminiscing on her experience as a parent before SSAB, “I use to dread January with Back to School shopping,” says SSAB’s Managing Director Ms. Fiti Leung Wai.

“Mind you, most of your money was already spent in December for toys and fa’alavelaves. And I used to spend $200 plus per child for stationery alone, aside from school fees and uniform for back to school shopping,” she said during the Promotions launch

“My aim therefore, is to reduce the price of back to school products to lessen the load for us parents.” She believes that the cost of stationery items have dropped substantially since SSAB entered the market in 2009.

The 2016 Back to School promotion is in partnership with Croxley and also Pelikan, Acco and Steadler.

SSAB/NZ Prime Minister’s Junior Fellow Award
The continuation of SSAB’s annual scholarship’s award as the SSAB/NZ Prime Minister’s Junior Fellow Award was also announced today. An award that was inspired when Hon To’osavili John Key awarded Mrs. Fiti Leung Wai with the NZ Prime Minister’s Fellow Award. The recipients of the award last year are Grace Ah Young and Joycemarie To’afa of Samoa College.

The award includes: $500 cash directed to school fees, $500 worth of stationery items from SSAB and also, the recipient will become part of SSAB’s apprenticeship program.

SSAB Group watermark

Showcasing some of SSAB’s Promotional Giveaways are Anastasia Stanley (Senior Marketing Officer), Dora Malele (Marketing Manager), Joycemarie To’ata (2015 SNZPJF Award Recipient), Fiti Leung Wai (Managing Director), Bronwyn Hunt-Keil (Education Manager), Grace Ah Young (2015 SNZPJF Award Recipient), Marlene Mulipola Tua’imalo (Manager Stationery & Office Supplies), Lana Schwalger (Sales Rep)

“I felt really thankful for receiving the award and it has been a real help to my education in purchasing stationary and study guides. SSAB has helped me a lot last year,” said Grace Ah Young.

“It was shocking to me that someone (SSAB) would notice my love for books. They have helped introduce me to new books, as I used the voucher to buy books that are not available anywhere in Samoa,” says Joycemarie.

The top 10 schools (7 from Upolu and 3 from Savai’i) that purchase the most from SSAB during the Back to School Promotion will each nominate a candidate for SSAB’s consideration for receiving this year’s SSAB/NZ Prime Minister’s Junior Fellow award.

Along with their Back to School Promotions, SSAB together with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture (MESC) through the Literacy Week Project will be donating books to the Nelson Memorial Library in Apia, the SSAB’s Salafai Library in Salelologa, the SSAB’s Library at the Paediatric Ward at the National Hospital at Moto’otua and the Samoa Victim Support Group’s School of Hope.

“SSAB is always committed to giving back to our community. Today SSAB is launching its Back to School Promotion 2016 to signify the substantial reduction of prices of stationery products and the announcement of the 10 potential awards for SSAB/NZ Prime Minister Junior Fellow awards this year,” added Fiti Leung Wai.

“I would also like to sincerely thank all of SSAB’s customers especially the parents for your continuous support. I also wish all the children of Samoa a successful academic year.”