Samoa Teen Challenge gets funding


Helping out of school young people

APIA, SAMOA – FRIDAY 16 MARCH 2018: Samoa’s Teen Challenge that targets out of school youth, this week received $5,000 tala worth of assets and resources. The Teen Challenge opens enterprise ventures in the food service industry to provide youth with basic skills for employment in the hospitality sector or start of their own business.

Teen Challenge Samoa is a partner of the Ministry of Women, Community & Social Development working to support youth in Samoa.

Formed in 2017, Teen Challenge had provided ‘Youth Building Peace’ trainings and workshops for out of school youth and college youth to discuss topics such as school fights, bullying, and the different types of assaults, focusing on ways to help minimise youth having issues with the law.

Unemployment has been identified as a contributing factor to youth being involved in criminal activity and thus is a focus of MWCSD and Teen Challenge.

Teen Challenge assists out of school youth in an employment transitional social enterprise to provide and support employment practices in terms of work ethics, customer service and financial literacy as a means of assisting youth transitioning into permanent employment or entrepreneurship.  The project is funded and supported by the MWCSD and the Samoa One UN Youth Employment Programme and aims to decrease unemployment and eventually reduce youths’ involvement in criminal activities contributing to establishing a safer Samoa.

Some of the resources to help young people with basic skills for employment in the hospitality sector or start of their own business

The Assistant Chairman of the Board, Pastor Inu Amosa Pouoa pointed out that “up to 40% of the 180 youth that came to their program are unemployed”.

Nanai Sovala Agaiava, ACEO for Economic Development at the Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development said ”these assets and resources will serve to provide youth with new skills and opportunities for their future”.

“The need for employment and proper training to engage these young people will alleviate their situations and some of the underlying causes of issues affecting their morale and characters,” said Pastor Inu Amosa.

The initiative has received wide support from the Business Community and churches in the town area.

Pastor Inu Amosa and Eric Poe, Director of the Samoa Teen Challenge, acknowledged the support by the MWCSD and the Samoa One UN Family in this project that will provide employment and practical experience to unemployed youth.