Samoa Tennis present medals 2 months after Samoa Games


The Samoa Games 2016 Tennis Medal winners receiving their medals last Saturday

BY Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – MONDAY 30 JANUARY 2017: The saying “better late than never’ seemed to have guided the mood of the members of the Samoa Tennis Association when the medals that were supposed to be handed out after the Samoa Games 2016 in November  2016, finally arrived.

Last Saturday, the Association got together to finally award the medals to the winners of various categories of the tournament.

President of the association Leota Raymond Schuster said the delay was due to the medals not being ready on time of the medal ceremonies and by the time the medals arrived, most of the players have returned overseas.

The ceremony was brief and the recipients were excited despite the delay.

Leota acknowledged the Samoa Association of Sports & National Olympic Committee (SASNOC) for bringing back the Samoa Games after 10 years.

He said the Association’s calendar this year is quite full, with the Association eyeing various international tournaments.

Aside from international exposure to sports, Leota said local tournaments such as the Samoa Games gives a challenge for the players to look forward to.

The international tournaments in the pipeline include the Junior Federation and David’s Federation Tournament held in either India or Singapore. Elenor Schuster is the only player qualified for this tournament next month.

Elenor was the recipient of the Junior Sports Woman Award last year.

Other tournaments which Samoa will participate include the Juniors Tournament in New Zealand in April.

“If successful from there, our players will have a chance to compete in the Oceania Tournament in Fiji,” said Leota.

These tournaments, according to Leota will help develop the local players for a chance in the South Pacific Games, the Mini Games in Vanuatu, and the Olympics in Japan.

Samoa Games Results

Men’s Open Single
           Marvin Soonalole
SILVER:        Larry Magalsin
BRONZE:      Harley Cronin

Women’s Open Single
GOLD:           Lyla Tapusoa
SILVER:        Kim Carruthers
BRONZE:      Anasis Saipele

Men’s Open Double
GOLD:           Marvin Soonalole & Larry Magalasin
SILVER:        Harley Cronin &  Kristen Pavitt
BRONZE:      Stephen Percival(snr) & Larry Magalasin

Women’s Open Double
GOLD:           Leavai sisters
SILVER:        Lyla Tapusoa &  Anastasia Tapusoa
BRONZE:      Collen Strickland &  Joy Helg.

Mixed Doubles
GOLD:           Marvin Soonalole & Kimmy Carruthers
SILVER:        Kristen Pavitt & Lyla Tapusoa
BRONZE:      Harley Cronin  & Ana Tapusoa

Junior Open Boy’s Singles
GOLD:           Kristen Pavitt
SILVER:        Rafael  Tapusoa
BRONZE:      Faletoese  Neilsen

Junior Open Girl’s Singles
          Penina Kamu
SILVER:        Roselyn Tupuola
BRONZE:      Mikayla Meredith

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