Samoa wants agencies to be clear about their roles in climate change

Taule’ale’ausumai La’avasa Malua concerned about duplication.

Taule’ale’ausumai La’avasa Malua concerned about duplication.

By Asenati Taugasolo Semu (Samoa’s media representative to the Pacific Climate Change Roundtable in Fiji)

FIJI: THURSDAY 4 JULY 2013: Agencies battling the effects of climate change duplicate each other’s work.

“I’m hoping that at the end of this meeting there’s a clear and concise compartmentalisation of who deals with what, you know – rather than countries being flooded by everyone coming in and duplicating all these adaptations and also mitigation activities,” said Chief Executive Officer of Samoa’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Taule’ale’ausumai La’avasa Malua, at this week’s Pacific Climate Change Roundtable.

What he wants is for agencies and donors to clearly define their roles because with climate change it seems they are all involved.

“So it should be clear, who is responsible for which and who is doing what,” said Taule’ale’ausumai.

“The most important thing is for each party to understand their role to play,” he said.

He is concerned that agencies that are carrying out adaptation and mitigation projects in the region are duplicating each other.