Samoan comedians exchange laughs for money for victims of abuse

The Laughing Samoans fundraising poster

APIA: Monday 02 June 2012: The New Zealand based Samoan comedians, Eteuati Ete and Tofiga Fepuleai of the Laughing Samoans will exchange laughs for money to help the victims of violence and abuse at the Samoa Victim Support Group (SVSG). The fundraiser is down for this Friday 6 July 2012, at the Wellington Opera House.

According to SVSG President Lina Chang, the idea was born following a few minutes spent with the sheltered and underprivileged children at Home School in Apia earlier in February this year.

“The duo were amazed by the extent of SVSG’s support services and were deeply touched by the children victims that before they left, a concert date was set in aid of SVSG and its work,” said Chang.

“With the Laughing Samoans seeing part of our support work, we are humbled by their interest to pursue this network further and we believe that the Lord had led them to us at this time as we pledged 2012 to be a year of ‘giving back’ to our community.”

Already, some SVSG Executive Committee members, staff and SVSG Village Representatives are braving the cold weather in Wellington to help organize the event. The SVSG has a Wellingtonian supporters and partners such as the SpinningTops NZ with Shelly, Pat and the Team, the Taeaomanino Trust, the Pacific Prevention of Domestic Violence Programme with Cam Ronald, the British High Commissioner Ms Vickey Treadwell, the Chairman of the Wellington Council of Churches Rev. Popo Sua and the local church communities there, the Samoan High Commissioner in NZ, Leasi Papalii Tommy Scanlan.

“This is just a few of our supporters and we are humbled by the solidarity behind this fundraiser,” said Chang.

Posters and flyers have been put up and distributed throughout Wellington. And critical in raising the Samoan community’s awareness of this fundraiser is the tremendous contribution from Afamasaga and the Team at the Laumua o Ueligitone radio station.

“And as we count down to one of the biggest ever international fundraising for SVSG, we have noted this event as Ete and Tofiga’s contribution to SVSG’s giving back to the community focus for 2012.”

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