Samoan police alerts CIA to trace a Samoan “terrorist” in the US

Malele Paulo or King Faipopo to prove his accusations in court

Staff Reporters

APIA SAMOA – TUESDAY 19 FEBRUARY 2019: The Samoan Police have been instructed to alert the United States Central Intelligence Agency – CIA about “a Samoan terrorist” living there. 

The Prime Minister who is also the Minister of Police, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi told the government owned Radio 2AP that he had spoken to the (Samoan) police to contact the CIA about “one terrorist in the United States people are looking for.”

Tuilaepa was talking about Saute Sapolu who is the latest to make threats against the Prime Minister on social media.

He said he asked the police to translate what Saute said (in his threat against the PM), “whether these are the kinds of people Trump is looking for to return to their country of origin,” said Tuilaepa. 

Saute Sapolu who posted threats on social media

“So when he is returned, then there is a chance to take him to Tafa’igata (prison) for him to learn a lesson then he is brought to court,” he said.

“All these people who are walking around with immature knowledge (poto moko) must be brought in to be given fatherly help,” said the Prime Minister.

“That’s all I can say on this matter now as it’s with police to do their job.”

Meanwhile, another overseas based Samoa, Malele Paulo (King Faipopo), who made threats and statements against the Prime Minister is now awaiting court trial next month.

Among other things, Malele is accusing the Prime Minister of “murdering” the late Cabinet Minister, Luagalau Levaula Kamu who was shot by the son of another cabinet minister during an HRPP celebration in 1999 and two cabinet ministers were jailed for life for their part in the murder.

Malele is using a letter that has been circulated on social media and claimed to be written and signed by Tuilaepa to the two former cabinet ministers while they were serving time in jail for the murder.

“This is why this is important so he can bring his evidence in court to prove that I have broken the law,” said Tuilaepa.

Malele is also accusing Tuilaepa for bringing in a container of guns.

Based in Australia, Malele was charged by the police when he came for his mothers’ funeral two weeks ago and awaits trial next month.

Meanwhile, the Samoan who threw a pigs head at the Prime Minister during a community function in Brisbane late last year is not facing any charges.