Samoan reporter off to Paris for COP21

TV3 Reporter, Presenter and Editor, Ioana Tupa’i

APIA, SAMOA: TUESDAY 01 DECEMBER 2015: Apia Broadcasting Limited reporter, presenter and Editor Ioana Tupa’i is heading off to save the world.

She is the only Samoan media person heading to France to report on the Conference of the Parties 21 held in Paris, France.

The opportunity was won by Ms Tupa’i through the Online Earth Journalism Network (ENJN), an organization that empowers and enables journalists from developing countries to cover the environment more effectively. It also establishes networks to environmental journalists in countries where they don’t exist and builds their capacity where they do, through training workshops and development of training materials, support for production, and dispersing small grants.

She is the only fellow under the programme from Samoa while other participants are from China, Japan, India and the United States of America amongst other countries.

Ms. Tupai is very passionate about the environment and has for some time covered a series of news reports dedicated to revealing critical information that has helped prepared the community for natural disasters caused by climate change as well as inform members of the country about the impacts and effects of climate change and global warming to our people, its history and culture.

According to Ms Tupa’i the opportunity is one of a life time especially since it is this meeting where government heads from countries around the world will agree to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, with the aim of keeping global warming below 2°C.

The chance to report on this historical moment is very rewarding she believes but first the binding agreement has to go ahead as was the plan since the previous Cop20 meeting.

This is the first time Ms Tupa’i will be covering an internationally well publicized meeting of this magnitude but is confident that she will be making the best of it now she has been given the opportunity.

She hopes the leaders of the world will come to an appropriate decision that will surely benefit the environment saving it for the future generation.

Ms. Tupa’i has been employed by TV3 for the past eight years. She is a National University of Samoa Media and Journalism graduate.

Managing Director for TV3, Hans Joachim Keil has extended the support of TV3 with the approval of leave for Ms Tupai to attend and make use of this opportunity to enhance her skills and experience in reporting at an international level. Ultimately her experience will be that of a personal and professional development and the community through the media industry can only benefit from this Ms Tupai.

It is expected that while in Paris Ms Tupai will send over  reports of the COP21 proceedings to update our community accordingly.

Ms Tupai departs Wednesday.