Samoan teachers arrive to teach in American Samoa

Samoan teachers browsing through Maths resources 

BY Lance Polu

PAGO PAGO, WEDNESDAY 15 OCTOBER 2014: Seven (7) qualified content area teachers and their dependents from Samoa have arrived in American Samoa to start work in the territory.

A statement from the Director of Education Vaitinasa Dr. Salu Hunkin-Finau said that these are the teachers who weathered the long and arduous process of all
government clearances to teach in Department Of Education’s (DOE) high schools for the next 2 years.

A total of 25 Qualified Samoa teachers were carefully selected from over 100 applicants through a selection process aligned with the current needs of the secondary schools. DOE secondary schools have been plagued with teachers teaching out of content.

The hiring of qualified Samoa teachers is the DOE’s initiative to place HQT in the hard to fill areas of Maths, Science and English. The current DOE high school teachers teaching out of content will be under going a UH certification and content area development programs.

On arrival, the teachers and their families were transported to the Main DOE office for a welcome and briefing with the Director of Education. They went through orientation training today before the teachers report to their respective schools tomorrow.

Due to the high attrition rate of classroom teachers American Samoa DOE faces annually, the Director of Education hopes to recruit more qualified teachers from Samoa to fill the continuous shortage of teachers.

In Samoa, there had been a push to attract more graduates to take up teaching as a profession due to the shortage of qualified teachers in the Science subjects.

The shortage has resulted in some schools doing without Science subjects.

The Public Service Commission and the Ministry of Education have been working on realigning teachers salaries and training to upgrade qualifications and remuneration in order to sustain teacher numbers to meet the country’s teaching needs.