Samoa’s most advanced 4G LTE Internet Service Provider launches

Staff of Samoa’s most advanced 4G LTE Internet Service Provider NetVo during their launch last Saturday

APIA, SAMOA – MONDAY 01 AUGUST 2016: Samoa’s newest internet service provider, NetVo Samoa Ltd, is in business after the launch of its services last Saturday.

Launched by the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Afamasaga Rico Tupai, he praised NetVo’s services “as Samoa’s most advanced 4G LTE network to provide the fastest, most reliable and affordable internet services in Samoa.”

NetVo has been providing high quality internet and network services to numerous government agencies and business client’s over the past year on their private point to point network and is the company that took TV-1 Samoa’s programming global to an online audience.

The official launch started with the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at their premises at GoldStar Building in Matafele, Apia and followed by Promotional Activities for the public until 1pm and wrapped up with the official Corporate Launch event on Saturday evening at the Tanoa Tusitala Hotel.

NetVo was founded by Stephen Su’a Leota, President and CEO and the Su’a Leota family to provide Samoans with the most modern communications network available.

In 2014, Stephen partnered with On Call Communications; a US based Satellite Communications Company, to bring in satellite connectivity to Samoa and to build a 4G/LTE network to deliver fast, reliable Internet access. On Call has been providing cutting edge technology in the United States for over 25 years to government and broadcast clients.

“I believe that top quality internet access will provide Samoans with more career opportunities, the chance to expand their businesses, increase international trade, improve health care and help families stay connected with loved ones who live far away,” Stephen Sua Leota.

In a press statement, the company says “NetVo owns and operates their own satellite network and gateway to provide robust access to the internet. This provides NetVo complete control of the service quality all the way to the subscribers device, in doing this they can maintain a faster and more consistent connection. For the user this means a superior user experience.

“This technology provides Samoans with easy, reliable access at an affordable price supporting business development, personal communications and government services.

“This will allow NetVo to achieve its Vision: to empower all Samoans to access communications, education and business opportunities through a reliable, high speed wireless Internet network.

“This vision, and NetVo’s motto, “Amazing is what we do” represents the professional, fun, community oriented nature of NetVo and its staff.  Although they take the work they do seriously, they want to be the most helpful and welcoming company in Samoa with the best customer service and happiest customers.

Initial internet connectivity and services will be available in Apia urban areas.”

Blessed by Father Muli’au Stowers, he referred to the new technological services as a light that needs to be shone to light up the lives and hearts of many.

Samoa is currently being served by major internet providers and mobile phone companies Digicel and Bluesky and other smaller operators using a shared and limited pipe to connect to the outside world.

Projects are in progress to open another marine cable next year to provide faster access and competitive prices for local users to the outside world.

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