Samoa’s natural beauty promoted through the Teuila Festival


Some of the marching groups at the opening parade of the Teuila Festival 2017

By Natu Samuelu Tafunai

APIA, SAMOA – MONDAY 04 SEPTEMBER 2017: It’s the second day of the Teuila Festival that is running back to back with the 48th Pacific Islands Forum Leaders and related meetings. It is part of Samoa’s deliberate efforts to shift and improve its logistical platforms through multi-sectoral partnerships as she hosts more and more international and regional events.

When the 26th annual Teuila Festival opened yesterday morning at the end of a noisy, colourful and well represented parade of the young and old to be competing in various weeklong activities, the reference was made to Samoa’s natural beauty as an added attraction for visitors and more major events. One such event is the 2019 Pacific Games Samoa had just won the bid to host.

“If you go to other countries, you only see man made beauty, but in Samoa you see the natural beauty of the gardens and green vegetation, the sea and lands,” said the Prime Minister.

Teuila Festival programme opened with a long colourful parade led by the nine contestants for the Miss Samoa Pageant 2017-2018 and Prime Minister Tuilaepa welcomed them.

He said the Annual Teuila Festival theme is Beautiful Samoa in order to keep reminding the world about the beauty of our country.

“Not too long to go, Samoa is going to launch an airplane and its name is going to change from Polynesia to Samoa Airways, so that the world knows it’s a direct airline from Beautiful Samoa,” he added.

The nine contestants for the Miss Samoa Pageant were also introduced and had the chance to meet the public. The pageant will be streamed live on youtube page at 7pm Saturday evening Samoan time.

The weeklong festival comprises of day long entertainment, cooking, cultural events and traditional sports which competitors from different villages and choral and hymns competition.