Samoa’s population increases by 8,000 people


BY Julie Simati

APIA, SAMOA – MONDAY 6 NOVEMBER 2017: Samoa’s population has increased by 8,000 people. The final figure of the 2016 of the Population and Housing Census was released last Friday.

The Minister of Statistics Sala Fata Pinati said that the 2016 Census marked the beginning of a new initiative by the Bureau of Statistics in working collaboratively with the stakeholders, private sector, civil societies and also technical partners in the census analysis exercise.

People from different villages were also invited to the launching of the 2016 Population and Housing Census.

According to the Government Statistician, Muagututi’a Sefuiva Reupena, Samoa’s population increased by 5,000 in 2011 and for this year the numbers increased by 8,000 people.

“It was a hard job because we weren’t able to catch everyone at their homes,” he added.

Despite the challenges, the Government of Samoa priorities the census undertaking as the main sources of information for population count in all villages, the distribution of everyone in the country and also  the composition of the population by age, male and female.

Of Samoa’s population of 195,845 people, 51% of male and 49% for female.

The population of Savai’i has dropped to 22% from 31% in 2011 as people move to Upolu for work and others have migrated overseas.

A major portion of the population are young people with 35% that are aged 15 years and below.

Other than the population count, other vital census data collected included information on education, employment, disability, households, access to public services such as water, electricity, telecommunication, environment are all part of the census data collected.

Muagututia also reminded the public of the value of census results and information collected in formulating policy and planning developments and especially interventions to improve the lives of the Samoan people.

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