Samoa’s unemployment stands at 4 percent


PHOTO: Samoan college student entertainers during the opening of the Commonwealth Youth Games in Samoa

By Faye Seiuli

APIA, SAMOA – THURSDAY 16 AUGUST 2018: Only 4 percent of Samoa’s population is unemployed.

This is according to the Chief Executive Officer of the Bureau of Statistics, Ali’imuamua Malaefono Ta’aloga Fa’asalaina who explained that no one is considered unemployed unless that person is looking for a job.

She told Talamua that 4% is specifically the number of people from the age of 10 upwards actively looking for employment since the last census in 2016, where 2117 were recorded as unemployed.

The term “unemployed” according to the Bureau’s definition is people that are looking for jobs.

“Unemployed is always associated with people without jobs or employment.”

She said farming and fishing are also employment that falls under the subsistence category while the domestic category includes those staying at home and looking after either young children or the elderly in the families.

She said farmers and fishermen may not be paid jobs with regular incomes but they are working for their families and contributing to the economy.