School of Life Foundation to visit Samoa

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Founders of School of Life Foundation Jack Rolfe and Co-Founder Lexie Rolfe to visit Samoa in August


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The American based “School of Life Foundation”, will visit Samoa to share their program and to see how they can assist in areas of Education within the schools in the country this coming August.

In a press statement, a Samoan couple, Faalogo Situtuila Sissy Vuki and husband Tupuola Sione Heleti Vuki announced the upcoming visit by the Utah, USA based founders of the School of Life Foundation.

“We wish to express our gratitude for our Heavenly Father’s blessings for all that we have been given, especially the power of higher learning.

“We also want to say Thank you to our dear friends from St. George, Utah, USA: Founder Jack Rolfe and Co-Founder Lexie Rolfe. We are Thankful for their dedication and love to teach.”

The first two schools that they will visit will be The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) College, Pesega and Samoa College and we are Thankful for the support of the school principals.

We hope to share this opportunity with Samoa Minister of Education and others in Samoa.

Their mission is to help increase school graduation rates. Teach, train, motivate and inspire youth to “Achieve Straight A’s in the school of Life”. Appreciate, Assist, Attitude, Aim, Align, Action, Associate, Avoid, Adapt, Always. The school of Life entered by all, and everyone must live it! “Those who realize their full potential Achieve Straight A’s while in it!” (Jack Rolfe)

The press statement said that the School of Life Foundation is highly recommended by the University of Utah and schools throughout Utah.

“We are humbled to be invited by Jack and Lexie Rolfe to accompany them and be part of this journey when traveling to Samoa in August 2019.

May God bless all that are in the good work of service that dedicate their time, resources, and passionately motivated striving to make a difference in someone’s life to help and uplift their spirit to give them strength to accept and embrace the good and bad that they will experience in life and to be humble and thankful that God has blessed each of us with thy spirit to help each of us to endure and have thy peace.”