Schwarz Construction helps develop the Atua Legend Rugby Club


Schwarz Construction owner Alai’asā Schwarz Hunt and the Atua Legend Rugby Club Chairman, Reverend Toma Sefo shake hands on the $20,000 sponsorship contract

By Julie Simati

APIA, SAMOA –WEDNESDAY 07 MARCH 2018:  The Schwarz Construction Company yesterday announced it’s three years sponsorship of the development of the Atua Legend Province rugby club.

The $20,000 sponsorship was signed by the owner of Schwarz Construction, Alai’asā Hunt and the Chairman of the Atua Legend Rugby Club, Reverend Toma Sefo at the Samoa Rugby Union headquarters.

“This isn’t the first time we have sponsored a rugby team, but it is a first time for us to sponsor a big tournament like this,” said Alai’asā.

The tournament referred to is the Samoa Rugby Union Super 9s due to kick off next month in its second year running.

Alai’asā said he has noted the lack of resources in the development of the sport  in the district hence his company’s wish to assist the club.

He said this could be a good opportunity for them to help out not only to Atua Legend Province as he believes there are many potential players from the Atua district who can make Samoa’s  national teams.

Atua Rugby Union Chairman, Reverend Toma Sefo acknowledged the sponsorship and assistance as this was the first time their Union has received such a substantial amount of sponsorship money.

“Most of the resources we have are funded by our own team,” he said.

“We thank the Schwarz Company for the sponsorship as it will not only help with the team but will also develop a future pathway for the players,” said Sefo.

Members of the Atua Rugby Club display a playing jersey carrying their sponsors name

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