Shriners Hospital for Children in Hawaii visit Samoa

Shriners team with two local Orthopedic doctors. (L-R) Dr. Shaun Mauiliu (Orthopedic Registrar), Dr. Areta Samuelu (Orthopedic Registrar), Dr. Graham Fedorak (Orthopedic surgeon), Dr. Eddie Chan (Orthopedic surgeon), Edward Slavish (Vice Chairman – Hospital Board of Governors) and (sitting) Sandy Zurekan (Outreach Coordinator)

APIA: TUESDAY 22 APRIL 2015: A team of doctors and administrators from the Shriners Hospital for Children in Hawaii have once again helped and to provided free medical care for the Samoan children.

The Shriners medical team, worked closely with the Samoa National Health Service (NHS) to help identify patients that could be helped by Orthopedic Surgery.  They were here to treat children with burns, cleft lips and palates, orthopedic problems, and spinal cord injuries. All of their work is privately funded via private donations in the United States.

Formed in New York in 1870 and now run from Tampa, Florida, the Shriners are a fraternal order dedicated to public service, with almost 200 chapters (or temples) around the world. The group is best known for their red fezzes and their Shriners Hospitals for Children, 22 specialized medical centers that treat certain childhood afflictions without charge.

The visiting Shriners were able to see more than 200 children through clinics conducted at the Moto’otua National
Hospital and the Tuasivi Hospital in Savaii.  Shriners are also able to send children needing more complicated
surgeries to Hawaii for treatment.

Throughout the history of this program, over 25 Samoan children have been blessed to receive medical treatment in
Honolulu.  The Shriners pay travel costs for the patient and for an accompanying care giver, as well as provide
accommodation in Hawaii for the duration of surgery and care.  From this year’s clinic, the team hopes for more than
20 patients with serious medical problems to make it down to Honolulu for treatment.

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