SIDS taskforce leads practical exercise for conference bus drivers

Ensuring efficiency and safety of the 3,000 plus SIDs delegates during Septembers conference

By Tulifau Auvaa

APIA: FRIDAY 11 JULY 2014: Traffic in downtown Apia was disrupted yesterday morning as police and drivers allocated to drive the Small Island Development States (SIDS) conference delegations test out the routes that they would be using during the upcoming conference in September.

Called the trail process for SIDS delegations, drivers were given maps of the areas and routes they would take when picking and dropping off delegates.

“They had to stick to their specify areas and route,” said police and conference logistics organizers.

The Minister for Communications and Information Technology Tuisugaletaua Sofara Aveau heads the SIDS Transportation Unit and was on location at Sogi, to oversee the exercise.

“All drivers went through driving training and this was the first time a practical exercise with routes has been done,” said Tuisuga.

The exercise met with criticisms from the public who had to either wait in the long queue or divert their routes because police had to block the main roads to make way for the exercise.

Seventeen buses were used in the exercise.

“We are waiting for 20 more new buses from Japan,” said Tuisuga.

“We need to have two more such exercises before SIDS starts,” he said.