Six more young victims of abuse for overseas education

Some of the children under SVSGs care at the House of Hope at Tuana’imato

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA: WEDNESDAY 24 DECEMBER 2014: Six more youngsters under the care of the Samoa Victim Support Group (SVSG) will continue their education in New Zealand and Australia.

This was confirmed by the SVSG President Lina Chan.

The six education packages are part of the support scheme between SVSG and their partners in New Zealand and Australia.

“It will be a fully funded package including accommodation,” said Ms. Chan.

The youngsters are victims of sexual and physical abuse and have living at the House of Hope operated by SVSG for the past two years.

“We are working on their papers now and we hope they will leave next month for a new start,” said Ms. Chan.

Under the programme, a 16 and 17 year old are already receiving education in New Zealand and the United States “and are both doing well.”

“This year has been a continuous challenge, with opportunities and blessings as we work hard towards achieving our vision of ensuring that crimes are dealt with and those in need are well supported so that they are safe and in control of restoring their lives,” said Ms. Chan.

The SVSG has dealt with 1,282 cases and most of them are domestic violence related.

Seventy five children are survivors of violence, broken homes and sexual abuse and are housed at the refuge for children – The House of Hope at Tuanaimato.

“This excludes 12 new born babies from children and women of sexual abuse,” said Ms. Chan.

“Sixty three women and children were protected under the Protection Order Act.

From the 1,282 cases handled, SGSV managed successfully to stop 24 attempted suicide cases who called in through their 24/7 help-line.

Twenty children can now enjoy new lives and new beginnings with the successful closure of their cases in Court.

Eighty five cases of violence were lodged by SVSG in the Family Court which led to the establishment of an Anger Management programme for the abusers.

“We don’t want to send men to jail but to educate them on the bad effects of violence on the children and their spouses, so we decided to run an anger management programme,” said Ms. Chan.

This year also mark the first ever custody case awarded to SVSG by the Family Court.

Ms. Chan said the success of SVSG is in the support given by the Government, the community, the churches, supporters from afar and near.

SVSG is looking ahead to a brighter new year in realizing its visions and mission statement to help and support the victims of abuse.