Slow economy didn’t stop top insurance seller

Pola Motugaafa Aiafi-Semu’a with SLAC's Deputy CEO Leiataua Alden Godinet

Pola Motugaafa Aiafi-Semu’a with SLAC’s Deputy CEO Leiataua Alden Godinet

Tulifau Auva’a

APIA: FRIDAY 31 JANUARY 2014: A slow economy didn’t stop an insurance saleswoman from achieving success.

It was why Pola Motugaafa Aiafi- Semu’a topped the sales figures for Samoa Life Assurance Corporation (SLAC) for the year ending 31 of December 2013.

She attained new business annual premiums of $183,274.

It was the third year in a row Mrs. Aiafi-Senu’a has won the top Sales Representative Award.

Fa’amanu Fonoti came in second with an overall net annual premium from new business of $143,658.

Other members of the sales team also won cash prizes.

“This award is given to Mrs. Semu’a because she has worked hard for it and she deserves it,” Leiataua Alden Godinet Deputy CEO  said.

“We issue awards like this every year to motivate our sales team,” Leiataua said.

For Mrs. Aiafi-Semu’a, success is about enjoying her job and knowing her clients.

While the job is challenging at times, especially amidst a slow economy, she refused to give up, she said.

“My duties are to explain insurance policies and the advantages of having a life Insurance,” she said.

“I look forward to helping more clients in the future and hopefully win more awards.”

Mrs. Aiafi-Semu’a has been working at Samoa Life Assurance Corporation for four years. In 2013 SLAC secured net new business annual premiums of $857,000 compared to $740,000 in 2012.

Despite the continued adverse economic conditions experienced by present policy holders the corporation is confident that given the size of the market, people are making the right choices to invest in life insurance for a better and secure future financially.

In a statement SLAC management said: “We are pleased to acknowledge the continued support of policy holders through their investment and savings plan in the form of life policies and hope that it encourages them to maintain payments so that all intended benefits are received as planned.”