Small Island States Review Progress Of SAMOA Pathway and Focus On Partnerships

Dialogue on the Small Island States Review Progress Of SAMOA Pathway in Apia ahead of the meeting proper starting tomorrow

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – MONDAY 29 OCTOBER 2018: It has been 4 years since the launching of the Small Islands Developing States Accelerated Modalities Of Action – SAMOA Pathway in Apia, and this week, member countries are reviewing the progress of the Pathway at the Inter-regional Preparatory Meeting.

The SAMOA Pathway recognises the need to support and invest in the small island nations so they could achieve sustainable development.

The meeting opens in Apia tomorrow on the theme: SAMOA Pathway Mid-Term Review & The SIDS Inter-regional Partnership Dialogue.

Speaking at today’s dialogue and discussion, the Minister of Finance, Sili Epa said what countries need are genuine and durable partnerships.

He said recognition of international cooperation and partnerships are critical in the implementation of development and sustainability of small island nations.

“Moreover, such partnership relies on the principal of national ownership, mutual trust, transparency and accountability. The number of partnerships is immaterial, but the quality of partnership is more important,” said Sili.

Marshall Islands Ambassador to the UN, HE. Amatlin Kabua, Romania’s Deputy Prime Minister, Anna Birchall, Margo Deiye & Samuel Grundler from Nauru.

The outcome of the 2014 conference in Samoa was an announcement of over 300 small islands developing nation partnerships and that number has since doubled.

He said the achievement of the SAMOA Pathway in the 2030 agenda for sustainable development of the SDGs for small island countries will be more durable with more hands on board.

“This requires all sectors to work together in an integrated manner through sharing, discussion, and follow ups,” said Sili.

He said Samoa welcomes the in-depth analysis on partnerships and identify the gaps, launch new partnerships and celebrate successful partnerships.

Fiji’s Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Satyendra Prasaad, Samoa’s Minister of Finance, Sili Epa Tuioti & Kiribati’s Ambassador to the UN, Teburovo Tito.

He commended a networking session in the meeting which will provide a good chance to share experience, ideas and establish more partnerships.

The question posed was what the SAMOA Pathway has achieved after 4 years and where it is heading.

Samoa hopes after the three days meeting, the member countries would be able to provide a reformed platform on economic sustainability and the development of stronger and more sustainable partnerships.

The official meeting starts tomorrow, but side events and other bilateral meetings have already taken place.

Side events includes Reproductive Health, Climate Change, Human Development Statistics, Building Economy for Blue Economy, Challenge of Youth Unemployment, and Safeguarding Underwater Cultural Heritage to name a few.

Representatives from St. Kitts & Mevis, St Lucia, Antigua & Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago & St. Vincent, the 5 small islands in the Caribbean